Gyms Star Feedback
Gyms Star Feedback

Boost Your Gym's Performance with Precision Feedback Management

Improve Client Satisfaction and Retain More Members by Harnessing the Power of Client Feedback.

82% of gym-goers admitting they're more likely to recommend a gym with positive reviews to their friends and family.
Responding to reviews promptly can increase customer retention by up to 15% within the gym industry, fostering a sense of community and loyalty among members.
70% of gym members are willing to leave feedback, providing valuable insights for gyms to enhance their services and facilities.

Enhance Client Relationships and Amplify Your Online Reputation with Our Leading Review Management Platform

Star Feedback empowers gyms and fitness groups to tap into the wealth of insights provided by client feedback. Our platform not only facilitates the collection and management of reviews but also helps you understand and act on this feedback to improve every aspect of your gym’s operations—from workout programs to client service.

Gyms Star Feedback
Gyms Star Feedback

Gyms can effortlessly gather and respond to client feedback

With Star Feedback’s automated review management system, gyms can effortlessly gather and respond to client feedback, enhancing overall client satisfaction and helping to tailor services to meet the unique needs of gym-goers. Our platform’s ability to show you clear feedback helps you identify trends and areas for improvement, ensuring that your gym always leads in client engagement and satisfaction.

Trusted by Local Gyms across the UK.

Star Feedback gives you the review management tools as an SME business owner in the fitness industry, to stand out, and instil trust to both your current and potential customers.

Bryan Eisenberg, Keynote Speaker 

 "Every business needs to be aware of their online reputation because a competitor is just a click away." 
"The customer's perception is your reality."

Kate Zabriskie.

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Gyms Star Feedback

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